Arizona Caribbean

Cultural Association


The purpose of the Citywide Black Student Union (CBSU) is to provide a safe and culturally supportive environment for Black High School age and High School Students throughout the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix area to meet, learn and socialize with each other.


  • Cultivate or instill a stronger sense of community and inclusion in Black students of high school age, or that attend high school in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Fill cultural, social and academic voids.
  • Assist in improving or maintaining academic standards and goals
  • Heighten or provide an awareness of historic and current contributions made by Black leaders in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Provide youthful Black leaders opportunities to meet and interact with adult Black Leaders from throughout the African Diaspora in the Arts, Sciences and Letters.
  • Heighten or develop political awareness.
  • Provide a supportive environment to discuss topics of concern to Black High School Students in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Create and strengthen a sense of unity among Black High School Students that attend different schools in Phoenix Arizona.

The Citywide Black Student Union for High School Students is an outgrowth of
The Great Migration – Indiscernibles in Arizona
multidisciplinary project presented by Emancipation Arts.



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