No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, provide clean water, advocate and feed, as well as displaying our cultural artforms.


City of Phoenix, Mayor Greg Stanton, proclaims June Month as Arizona 1ST Annual National Caribbean American Heritage Month. 

Benjamin Brunson

Logistics Director

Has 16 proud years of food and beverage experience that include: Management, Chef, Catering, Restaurants and Higher Education. Benjamin also exercises his entrepreneurial spirit with: International Brokerage-multiple international relations with markets focused on Green energy and Green cleaning products, Domestic Brokerage of green cleaning products, infectious disease control and green energy and technologies. He has also served as a consultant for startups, business development, and operations/management for the past 10 years. Currently Ben is on the Board of Directors of South Mountain Little League, a Kiwanis Member, and a supporter of local charities and events. Ben’s most prolific asset is his care and concern for his fellow human beings.​​



Rick Hackerott

Chief Financial Officer

Hailing from Southern California Rick brings over 25 years of corporate, executive financial management experience. Having graduated with two bachelor's degrees in Finance and Management. To 10 years as Chief Financial Officer for Mizu Enterprises, responsible for heavy distribution and warehousing experience, to Director of Finance for Phoenix Welding Supply. His career spanned from overseeing accounting, purchasing as well as inside and field sales in web page creation and search engine (SEO) for sales and marketing. Rick is the proud father of two adult sons which he raised on his own.

Dr. Jaime Franco

Non Profit Consultant

Dr Jaime Franco, Assistant Professor Hubert Wertheim College of Medicine, Educator, and Non-Profit Consultant.​

Together We Stand
It just makes sense for Arizona Caribbean Cultural Association, known as ACCA to look like the Caribbean we serve. The different cultures we represent, our different faces, the different perspectives each of us bring - all come together to make us stronger and more flexible in the communities and countries that we live in.

                          ElaineThomas Campbell 

Clottee Hammons is a visual artist, poet, writer and activist.  She has organized and curated numerous visual arts exhibitions and events for individuals that would not otherwise have access to public spaces for their work.

Since 1997 Ms. Hammons has conducted The Emancipation Marathon, which is a  literary tradition that commemorates the victims of American Chattel Slavery. Her Facebook page Emancipation Arts is instructive and also features interactive community events and artists' engagements. Her motto is "I promise you will learn what schools will not teach."

Ms. Hammons has administered outreach relief services to youth, seniors and homeless individuals and Those at risk for HIV or living with AIDS. 


Our association was created on a philosophy of putting the needs of others first before self. It's a commitment we take seriously. While we each have our on opinions and viewpoints when we come together, we are united on our goal of serving others. This dedication has resulted in strong philanthropic reputation, financial performance, and a strong family.
It is our ongoing vision to bring hope and direction to the ongoing struggles that children face daily in their lives-, poverty, hunger,  and clean water in the Caribbean and globally. By replacing these struggles with hope and a commitment to a brighter future. The programs that ACCA fund & facilitate are developed so that each child is able to achieve their fullest potential for growth, to realize their dreams in a healthy and sustainable environment. It is our belief that once a child's social, educational and health needs are met, that child will develop into a confident, responsible and productive adult in today's society. 
"It's those children that don't make the A grade in school, or can't speak up for themselves when they have been wronged- these are the children that we strive to help each day of our lives"


Miguel De Leon

Director of Latin Music

Robert Cumberbatch


Jacob Meltzer

Director of Youth/Clean Water Program

Holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Western Washington University and a Masters in Post Secondary and Higher Education from Arizona State University. His expertise includes property management with a focus on student housing. An avid entrepreneur who currently owns Keep It Cut Hair Salon

Junior George

Director of Broadcast & Television

Network professional with unique skills in the field of ICT innovation and IPTV broadcasting. His broadcast experience spans over a decade with expertise in the field of television production, edition, directing, presentation and innovating building. Innovator of TCN plus+ IPTV, TCN Mobile,Hot Caribbean Radio + TCNHD

Arizona Caribbean

Cultural Association


Marlen Adams

Director of Marketing

Branding professional, marketing, advertising, photographer, web design. Marlen has been involved in the creative fields of branding, photography, marketing and business development, and media since 2001. Currently he holds the position of Creative Director/Senior Executive for several entertainment entities including Century Films, Century Records, Holloway Entertainment Group and Fuga Energy Drink.


2010: Robert Cumberbatch & Phoenix FedEx Team goes on a mission to Haiti and their lives are changed forever. 

2012: Robert Cumberbatch Co-Founder to the success of the 1st Annual Caribbean Carnival in Phoenix, Arizona.

2013 : The birth of Arizona Caribbean Cultural Association (ACCA).

2016: Arizona Caribbean Cultural Association creates Clean Water Initiative & formation of Wine to Water Arizona Chapter. Formation of 1st Anancy Storytelling Festival. City of Phoenix, Mayor Greg Stanton, proclaims June month as the 1st Arizona Annual National Caribbean American Heritage Month.

2016: Steelpan workshops and concerts with ASU Pan Devils Steelpan. With well-known Trinidadian steel pan arranger and professor Liam Teague.


Volunteer with us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands we serve daily. Find out how to become our partner.

Mr. Loren Tapahe

Director of Business Relations

President and CEO of the Arizona Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona. Co-Founder of the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA). His experience in cohesive team building, event management, public relations with strategic planning and capacity building.



Sheldon Bostic

Director of Sound & Entertainment

Entrepreneur and Entertainment Director, popularly known as "DJ Champion Boom Bostic". He used his opportunities to successfully hone his skills and talents to become one of the best Caribbean DJs. Boom Bostic worked for "Reggae Links radio" on power 92.3fm as Manager, Producer and Host for the program. He currently owns operates and hosts his own online radio station called "Many Nations Radio".​

Clottee Hammons

Director of Outreach and Cultural Development  Programing